Trademark Law & Litigation

TRADEMARK LAW & LITIGATION: Nearly every small to medium-sized business has the potential to develop a successful trademark or service mark. This area of the law consists of a variety of state and federal protective statutes and common-law principles to protect the fairness of business competition. Laws ranging from federal trademark and copyright, to local anti-dilution and unfair trade practices statutes, as well as common-law fair trade principles can all be applicable in a variety of circumstances. And some statutes, like the Florida Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices statute borrow heavily from determinations of the Federal Trade Commission with respect to unfair trade practices.

We have litigated these cases in state and federal court for years. Perhaps even more importantly, our knowledge of these statutes and principles can help your company navigate the dangerous waters of competition in order to find your piece of the market without having to endure costly litigation.