Real Estate and Land Use Transactions and Litigation

REAL ESTATE AND LAND USE TRANSACTIONS AND LITIGATION: The principles of real estate law and of land use and development can be among the most ancient elements of our common-law system. This area of the law includes every element of a modern real estate transaction, from the drafting of contracts, the conduct of physical due diligence (including surveys and building inspections), title searches and the resolution of title issues, as well as all the facets of loans and mortgages. Land development concepts include zoning issues, as well as variances and changes, together with land-use restrictions and regulatory requirements for developments. Occasionally, disputes can result in either litigation or arbitration, and a thorough knowledge of that process is invaluable in negotiating the conclusion of such disputes.

Our considerable experience in the area of real estate law and land development is a result of our participation in hundreds of real estate transactions for buyers, sellers, developers, and lenders. We have litigated nearly every aspect of a typical residential or commercial real estate transaction, from contract formation, deposit disputes, to boundary encroachments, and from mortgage foreclosures to title issues.