CONTRACTS are at the heart of our general business practice. We have a drafted hundreds of contracts and enforced nearly as many. Contracts are the glue that help hold together the structure of our society and economy. Without them, chaos would reign, uncertainty would pervade, and capital investment would be all but nonexistent. In short, without the constitutional protection of the right to contract, our society would not exist.

While cynics will say that contracts are made to be broken, we lawyers say they are made to be enforced. Without an effective regime of laws, and an effective court system for the enforcement of contract promises, our commercial society would be impossible. The enforceability of promises, and the real possibility of judicial enforcement of the outcomes of litigation, help to compel the reasonable observation of promises and commitments in our commercial economy. We can help you strategize your participation by evaluating your contracts, your promises, and the enforceable consequences of our commercial court system.