Construction Law & Litigation

CONSTRUCTION LAW & LITIGATION: The law and litigation related to construction is at the foundation of our social structure. A keen understanding of the issues inherent in construction, as a part of the real estate development process, is necessary for the resolution of a myriad of issues related to the development of real property. This area of the law includes not only enforcement of contract obligations related to construction, but the much more detailed and complex area of construction defects. We have decades of construction defect litigation experience in scores of construction developments all around our State.

If you want to enforce your construction lien rights, have surety bond claims, or other construction related rights, call us, but do it quickly. Many of these rights have very limited life spans, and, “if you snooze, you lose.” If you find yourself stuck in a construction defect situation, call us and let’s explore the possibilities of limiting liability based upon your special circumstances. IF YOU ARE NAMED IN A CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS CASE AND YOU DON’T HAVE INSURANCE, CALL US IMMEDIATELY.